What is Extracts Academy?

Before we talk about what Extracts Academy is, lets talk about what Extracts Academy is not. Although we do sell extraction equipment Extracts Academy is not a retail location with a sales floor. Extracts Academy is a real commercial extraction lab that produces extracts, and infused products. On specific dates we open our doors to a select few, and we spend the day going over the step-by-step of what we normally do everyday in the lab.

Will there be classes available for month "X" ?

Yes. Class dates are available in two month increments. If you're looking for class dates that are further ahead than that please wait for them to be posted. 

How does it work?

It’s simple - you’ll show up on the day of your class, and we will spend the day covering the A - Z on extraction. The first portion of the day will be lecture style setting discussing the theory, and fundamentals behind extraction. The second half will be a demo of a live extraction as well post processing to achieve different consistencies. For follow up question after the class you'll be able to contact us directly for extraction questions, as well as receive the password for the student portal where we will continue to grow the resources currently offered.

Do I have to be a patient or live in Nevada?

No, anyone 21 years of age or older is free to visit.

Where are you located?

Because we teach out of a currently operational lab we only disclose our address to students that purchase a class for security reasons.

Will this be hands on?

Unfortunately due to the legal environment we live in your involvement will be in a strictly spectator fashion. Only a licensed agent of the state that has gone through a FBI background check is allowed to handle product.

Pictures / videos?

No video or voice recording the entire class. Some pictures are allowed when approved by instructor.

It looks like the class i want is sold out, can you just squeeze in an extra?

No, once the class is full it's full. All rooms have a finite amount of physical space, and this includes the rooms/lab we teach in. In order to create a space that resembles the characteristics of a comfortable learning environment, and less of a can of sardines we've selected an optimal class size. With that class size we can keep the quality of instruction at a high level - everyone can have their individual questions addressed, as well as share their thoughts and ideas amongst our small groups of like minded individuals.