Hydrocarbon - Butane & Propane Extraction



Shatter Matrix

The overall stability of your shatter will be primarily dependent on the percentage of THCa in your concentrate. As the percentage of THCa increases so does the stability of your concentrate. Also, as the percentage of THCa increases the terpenes concentraion decreases.

extracts academy shatter matrix.png

Vapor Pressure


Solvent Tank Capacity

Butane Capacity Calculation: 

  • All solvent tank capacity determined by this calculation and are based on industry standard nomenclature of the water weight tank # system because the specific gravity of water is 1.000 and the DOT 80% fill guideline.

  • Example: 100# Tank = ~100lbs of water weight, Halfton Tank = 1000lbs of water weight.

Tank # Water Weight in Lbs

Specific Gravity of Butane0.601

80% Fill Guidline0.800


(Tank #) * (Specific Gravity of Butane) * ( 80% Fill Guildine)